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Data Aggregation

Gather the right data to get the right intel about your target customers.

We use automation tools to aggregate data from various sources on and offline. The collected data is not always in an ingestible format, nor is it all relevant to your business context. This is when LSC Global uses its expertise and experience to cleanse the collected data from an irrelevant and obsolete form to a structured, digestible and ready-to-use format, delivering only the correct quantity and highest quality of data.

Data Annotation

Enrich your collected data to power future business growth.

Our advanced data annotation services help you to constantly refine your data to turn those into hyper-focused data points without letting them go stale. We accomplish this by tagging or labeling the collected raw data based on your business rules and processes at scale. This renders the labeled data functional and usable in training your AI or ML models or other downstream needs. While delivering the data labeling/tagging service, it is the “human-in-the-loop” approach that enables us to re-calibrate the existing data labeling process flow based on your dynamic business requirements.

Data Validation

Supercharge your business with market-ready, high impact dataset.

The data validation is the final leg of our data management process flow, where our experts build a robust data ecosystem for your business. It involves verifying and classifying the collected and labeled data into the right category. At times, outcomes for such data classification may not be as simple as yes-no criteria. Some require more contextual analysis, more than what an automated tool may be programmed to do. Our experts step in to ensure proper “human-in-the-loop” validation of data by classifying those into the proper category. This ensures that you do not end up with just a data dump but with a highly functional database.


Billions of Data Points Added


Million Records Processed


of Software Agents Added


Data Accuracy

LSC Global Processed Hundreds of Thousands of Events a Day with the Help of a New Process for a Web-Based Information Services Company

Our client is an online platform that provides information about local events happening across the United States. They needed a way to collect and label data specific to hundreds of thousands of events across the country. The platform's existing process of manually extracting and aggregating data was both time-consuming and...

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