Case Study

Streamlining Lien Document Validation

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Our client, a leading provider of process management services for the financial services industry, recognized a significant problem facing their clients: the expensive and time-consuming process of validating lien documents. These documents, which verify that a property has a lien on it for financing purposes, can be costly and difficult to manage in-house. Recognizing the need for an efficient solution, our client set out to create a streamlined process for validating these documents.

The Problem

Validating lien documents is an essential step in the financing process, but it can be complex and costly. In-house processes can be expensive, requiring significant resources to manage and verify documents. Our client saw that their customers needed a more efficient solution that would reduce costs and improve accuracy.

The Solution

LSC helped our client establish an integrated process that involved client systems and service agents to process tens of thousands of lien records a day. The process involved a series of automated checks, including data validation and lien perfection checks, to ensure that the lien documents were accurate and complete. These checks were performed in real-time, allowing our client to quickly identify and correct errors.

The process also involved a team of service agents who would manually review all documents that failed the automated checks. The process was designed to be scalable, allowing our client to handle large volumes of lien records with ease.

By establishing a streamlined, integrated process for validating lien documents, we helped revolutionize the way our client handles this essential task.

The Outcome


80 million lien records verified over 20 years with 99.9% accuracy


Reduced costs and improved accuracy


Improved profitability and customer satisfaction