Case Study

Optimizing Customer Support for a Loyalty and Rewards Program

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Our client is a company that provides loyalty and rewards programs for customers across the globe.

The Problem

The company was facing a problem with its email support process, which was expensive and failing to provide timely responses to customers. The existing process was resulting in a high volume of escalations and customer complaints, causing a negative impact on the company’s reputation.

Our client needed a solution to improve its email support process and reduce the response time for customer inquiries. The existing process was not scalable, resulting in delays in response times and a lack of prioritization for high-priority inquiries. our client needed a solution that would streamline the support process, reduce response times, and improve the overall customer experience.

The Solution

To solve this problem, we created a tiered customer support process that prioritized inquiries and allowed for rapid escalation when necessary. We also built an off-shore team to improve response times and reduce costs, allowing our client to focus its internal resources on high-priority escalations. The tiered support process included features such as automatic categorization of inquiries and real-time monitoring to ensure timely response and resolution of issues.

The Outcome


The new support process implemented by LSC proved to be highly effective, reducing the average response time to less than 3 hours while handling over 80,000 emails per month. The speed and accuracy of the responses improved significantly, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and a boost in the number of customers using the company's services. The new process also allowed our client to reduce its overall customer support costs while improving the quality of support provided to customers. Overall, the process implemented by our client helped the company to add business value, improve customer satisfaction, and stay ahead of its competitors in the loyalty and rewards space.